A new Poster and a total change in direction

For our next poster assignment, we had to respond to another quote. I chose, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”. We had to brainstorm word associations and images associations and try to narrow down a theme, based off of our take on the quote. I ended up at the theme, “Trust the Process”. At first I had the idea of illustrating pieces of something, in a broken-down, vague way, so that you wouldn’t know what the item was until you got to the end. Because sometimes you can’t see the whole journey or the whole process at once, and steps along the way seem vague or fuzzy. But you have to trust the process and know that even if you don’t understand a part of the process, it doesn’t mean that the process isn’t going exactly as planned. But the reality was I couldn’t illustrate that many things in a week. After more brainstorming, I ended up with the idea of scientific processes, like eggs being fertilized. Most people don’t understand the science, but know that life happens. I went in a completely different direction from the illustration style of my two previous posters and mixed very scientific drawings with organic, flowing watercolors. I still want to illustrate the pieces of a robot, maybe I’ll somehow find time during spring break?…

Here’s the final “Trust the Process”: