Another hot dog poster… sorta

For our fourth poster, we had to respond to one of three quotes. I chose “Let us learn to love winter, for it is the genius of spring”. We did some serious concept brainstorming exercises, which lead me to my final concept of “growth in unexpected places”. Once I had a concept, I started brainstorming ways to execute this concept. I kept thinking of a lush jungle garden in a shipping container out at sea. I couldn’t figure out how to simply illustrate that and have it read, so I ended up simplifying the image and going with a cornfield on raft, adrift in the middle of the ocean.

The target audience was supposed to be 20-35 year olds, specifically those who shop for motivational posters on Etsy.

Here’s the final poster:


Some people commented that the life raft looked eerily like a hot dog… It’s LIFE RAFT people. But, apparently I am now the hot dog lady.