Team Cowboy becomes Game Plan

I’ve been slowly plugging away on nailing down the UX of the Team Cowboy App. I spoke with a UX professional about it and got some valuable feedback about simplifying and following Apple’s conventions. I’ve moved on from paper wireframing and have started building the digital wireframes in Illustrator. Here are some of the paper prototypes:



I am showing 3 task flows. 1) RSVPing Yes to a game and marking that you’re bringing a sub, 2) Marking yourself as an available sub for a game & posting a day/time subbing availability, and 3) Manager responding to that sub who marked themselves as available for the game in Task 2.

Along with the wireframe building I have started to work on the look and feel of the App. I started sketching logo ideas and realized I didn’t like the name Team Cowboy. I made the executive decision to call the app something different. I toyed with the name “Roundup”, as in “we need to round up more players”, but people thought there was too strong an association with the weed killer Roundup. So we brainstormed as a group and came up with “Game Plan”. So the new name for my app is Game Plan. Here are some of the logo sketches I did:




I haven’t picked a final yet and will probably keep working on the logo for a little bit longer.

Here’s just a screen grab of the digital wireframes so you can see where those are at:

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.12.02 AM

Next steps: Finish the wireframes, make a prototype, test it, and refine some of the screens with the UI skins. Finish the logo and style board! Go, go, go!

Team Cowboy App

It’s my very last quarter at SCCA, and that’s a pretty crazy thing to think about. I can’t believe how far we’ve all come, and I can’t believe it happened so fast. We’re already two weeks into the quarter, which means I only have 45 more days of class with my wonderful classmates that have become like family. *Tear* It’s going to be weird when I no longer get to hang out with my favorite people every day.

That being said, there’s still work to be done! Like my special topics project-the Team Cowboy app redesign. What’s Team Cowboy you ask? Team Cowboy is an existing website, mobile site, and app for Apple, Windows, and Android phones that helps coordinate and organize recreational sports teams. I personally use this website with all of my soccer teams and was interested in working on an app that I felt would actually be of help to real people.

I’ve done a lot of research so far to prepare me to tackle the redesign of the app. The research includes: an online survey, personal interviews with 2 people, email interviews with 2 people, an analysis of the features of the current website, mobile website, and app, and research on other existing competitor apps.

Here’s my current website/app audit:




Here’s some competitor research on the top 3 competitors:




And here’s the user personas I created based off of the survey info and interviews I conducted:




Next steps are to finish the Customer Journey Map that I’ve started working on, finish the paper wireframes that I’m working on and test those to see where the holes are. Once I’ve tested them, I will create digital wireframes and do a simple prototype in Invision. Next steps are testing prototype, iterating, and then starting the branding so that I can skin the app and make a complex prototype. A real client project has me a little behind schedule (already, I know…) but I’m hoping to make a lot of progress this weekend and this coming week.