Pace Magazine: The evolution continues

I’ve been working away on the home page of Pace, trying to get all the content needed to fill a very content-heavy home page. Much of the content in the print version of the magazine wasn’t actually anything I could use in the digital version. Small soundbite type info didn’t really fit in the web format, and I needed fresh content as well. So I’ve been spending quite a bit of time trying to cultivate content that fits the concept of Pace.

Now that I’ve finally figured out all the content, I’ve finished the structure of the home page (well, 85% of it…) and I’ve started working on styling it (the fun part!). I forgot how much I like designing in the browser! Here are some screen shots of various type treatments I’ve been messing around with.






Once I’m done with the home page, I’ll start embarking on the article templates! Woo hoo!

Pace Magazine Digital Format

Pace is coming along! I’ve actually started building the site, the link for it is, in case you want to follow along! I got my Typekit fonts to work, which was pretty exciting. I also got the php loop to work in more advanced ways than I did with Trek, so that was super exciting. I’m trying to finish up the home page structure today and then start working on the templates for the articles. At this point I will probably only do 3 article templates.

The plan for the rest of the quarter is to finish the website and then mock up the app and marathon series collateral so that I have that as well for my portfolio.

Special Topics Winter Quarter: Week 3

Oops, I’m a little behind on blogging! I spent quite a bit of time last week working on researching competitive magazine websites. I’ve been working on the wireframes for the home page, but am still figuring it out. There is so much content to deal with! I really want to create the best experience for the Pace reader, but I also want to create a website that is different enough from my other digital magazine, Trek. I am trying to find a good layout for the home page that allows the reader to have access to the newest articles up front, but also allows them to easily access any of the content. I tried looking for new ways to create an interesting sticky header, but I still think the animated header theme from Codrops is still my favorite. I’m going to try and manipulate it better than I did with Trek though.

So far I have set up the Pace wordpress site (, have installed my theme (animated header with gridism as the base framework), created a home page template, and have installed all the main plugins I will be using. I may end up using a slider plugin, but I want to research a little more on the best one to use. I’m working on finishing up my wireframes and plan to start coding this week!

Pace Magazine evolves. Again.

After extensive research about digital magazines and the process of making a magazine app, I’ve decided to go back to my original idea of building the Pace digital experience as a website. Most of the software out there to make magazine apps is expensive, or iffy on what kind of prototype you can make for free. I also thought about what format Pace would benefit from, and decided that content really is king for Pace. Women reading Pace want information, quickly, and concisely. They may not care about a fancy video intro to a training plan, they want the plan. A website gives them the ability to reach more interactive content if they so choose, but also lets them get to information they want easily and quickly.

I also started thinking about how Pace could benefit from other brand touchpoints. If I can get it together and build this website at a timely pace, I’d like to include a Pace training app that would have social interaction and reward points for training that would give discounts to registration for the Pace marathon/half marathon series. The series would include 6 major cities a year to start; LA, Seattle, NYC, Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco.

That’s where I’m at at the moment. Working on figuring out content so that I can finish the wireframing that I’ve started.

Winter Quarter 2015 Special Topics-PACE magazine digital format


I’ve decided I’m going to create the digital version of PACE print magazine for my winter quarter special topics. I thought a lot about what to do this quarter and went back and forth with many ideas. After talking to a handful of classmates, I decided expanding PACE to have a digital component would be a strong portfolio piece. It will show brand extension and my abilities to take something static and create interaction. I am pretty excited about this project and hope it turns out as well as the original PACE. I haven’t decided what platform I’ll be using to build the PACE digital version but that will be the task for week 1. Figure out what makes the most sense based on software cost and the actual content of the magazine and direction PACE would take with their specific content. Since I’m not 100% sure how I’m building this yet, the timeline is a little rough.


Week 1: Research competitors to see what other sports/fitness magazines are doing with their digital editions. Research digital magazine app building software to see what the pros and cons are of each one. Pick a platform and start watching/reading tutorials. Start putting in print magazine content and make sure the platform will work.

Week 2: Go through existing content and identify where interaction can be utilized. Figure out what extra content may be needed there and what holes exist. Brainstorm what new content could be added and start collecting new content. Start contacting photogs about potential photoshoots/video sessions if necessary for new content.

Week 3: Start layout of magazine in platform. Start working on photoshoots/videos if they are needed for new content.

Week 4: Production of magazine. Photoshoots/videos if necessary.

Week 5: Production of magazine, User testing?

Week 6: Production of magazine

Week 7: Production of magazine, User testing?

Week 8: Production of magazine

Week 9: Finish magazine

Week 10: Tweak and troubleshoot any last issues

Week 11: Present final magazine to class