Graphic Recipe translation

My favorite project fall quarter was the recipe project. We had to pick one of three recipes to depict visually (no numbers, letters, or words) with vectors made in Illustrator. We had to show temperature and time and all the steps. Like the last project, this was not supposed to be an illustration, but a graphic translation of a recipe. We could only use black, white and grey. I chose Chicken Pot Pie. At first I was really overwhelmed. I couldn’t figure out whether to start with the look of the items or the layout first. I told myself I just need to start and began sketching.


And then I started trying to really nail down the layout, which ended up with me cutting out pieces of my sketches and arranging them in photoshop. That way I didn’t have to redraw the items when I changed the idea for the layout. I wanted to have a section with the ingredients and then a separate section with the recipe steps, but there were some ingredients that had steps before they became ingredients, so this layout was definitely challenging.


Which eventually lead to vector creation in Illustrator, but I was still not quite happy with where I was going. Here are some scrapped layouts/colors.


And then I had the eureka moment–what about a black background?? And then came the final:


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