Pace Magazine evolves. Again.

After extensive research about digital magazines and the process of making a magazine app, I’ve decided to go back to my original idea of building the Pace digital experience as a website. Most of the software out there to make magazine apps is expensive, or iffy on what kind of prototype you can make for free. I also thought about what format Pace would benefit from, and decided that content really is king for Pace. Women reading Pace want information, quickly, and concisely. They may not care about a fancy video intro to a training plan, they want the plan. A website gives them the ability to reach more interactive content if they so choose, but also lets them get to information¬†they want easily and quickly.

I also started thinking about how Pace could benefit from other brand touchpoints. If I can get it together and build this website at a timely pace, I’d like to include a Pace training app that would have social interaction and reward points for training that would give discounts to registration for the Pace marathon/half marathon series. The series would include 6 major cities a year to start; LA, Seattle, NYC, Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco.

That’s where I’m at at the moment. Working on figuring out content so that I can finish the wireframing that I’ve started.