Pace Magazine: The evolution continues

I’ve been working away on the home page of Pace, trying to get all the content needed to fill a very content-heavy home page. Much of the content in the print version of the magazine wasn’t actually anything I could use in the digital version. Small soundbite type info didn’t really fit in the web format, and I needed fresh content as well. So I’ve been spending quite a bit of time trying to cultivate content that fits the concept of Pace.

Now that I’ve finally figured out all the content, I’ve finished the structure of the home page (well, 85% of it…) and I’ve started working on styling it (the fun part!). I forgot how much I like designing in the browser! Here are some screen shots of various type treatments I’ve been messing around with.






Once I’m done with the home page, I’ll start embarking on the article templates! Woo hoo!