Game Plan App

UX / UI / Prototyping

The Challenge:

Game Plan is a redesign of an existing app. Team Cowboy is a website, mobile website, and smartphone app that is meant to help adult team sports organization. It allows you to create teams, add players, and RSVP for games, among several other tasks. My job was to audit the current app and find out what the users really want and need from the new app. Main goals were to find ways to connect more players and teams, and making management easier and quicker.


The Solution:

To start the redesign process, I did an audit of the current app and mobile website to see what the current problems were. Competitor research on other sports team apps helped me see what other features Team Cowboy could employ. I did a survey to see what people who use Team Cowboy liked and disliked about the app. I also did one-on-one and email interviews to get specific details about what users were really looking for in a team organization app. The main goals were: making RSVP’ing for games easier, giving more alerts to managers when there aren’t enough players signed up for a game, and giving teams and players an easier way to connect and fill sub spots. I created a new “Sub Finder” system that helps players find games that need subs and vice-versa. After figuring out what the features were going to be, I made paper prototypes, tested them, and then iterated and made digital wireframes. I brought these wireframes into Marvel to create a simple prototype and, again, did user testing. I decided to rename the app because I felt that Team Cowboy didn’t really fit. After brainstorming with peers, I came up with Game Plan, as in “what’s the game plan?”.

My Roles:

  • User Research
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience
  • Wireframe Creation
  • Prototyping
  • User Testing


  • 4 Task Flows
  • Simple Prototype
  • User Personas
  • User Research


6 Weeks

Current Website, Mobile Website, and iPhone App Audit

User Research: Online Survey and In-Person Interviews

Competitor Research

User Personas

Feature Map

Paper Wireframes

Digital Wireframes

Complex Prototypes