The Challenge

Graphiti Associates was due for a website makeover. Their previous website was from 2013, and not responsive. An intial redesign had been done by previous designers, but our creative directors were not convinced it was the right direction for the website, so we were asked to come up with some new design directions. A large part of the challenge of this project was only working on it for a week or two a month, as client work was a priority. One of my main tasks was to rethink the section of the website that featured client work. The site would have 3-5 case studies, that would go into depth about the portfolio piece. The rest of the client work needed to be displayed in a way that was fun, engaging, and interactive, but was only a surface-level view. I was also charged with making the About Us section more dynamic and interactive.

The Solution

The creative directors decided the new direction needed to be much less content-heavy and were unsure about the existing content organization, so the information architecture had to be rethought. Originally the portfolio gallery was woven in with the Services page, as slider galleries. I was challenged with figuring out a more enticing way to showcase the portfolio pieces than a slider. I did a lot of portfolio website research to see how other people and companies were showcasing their work. I also looked at interaction-heavy websites to get inspiration for displaying simple content in an outside-of-the-box way. Sites like Packery helped me visualize how content could move around the page. I worked alongside our developer to figure out a realistic solution that would reveal enough of our portfolio work to entice and engage the viewer without having to tell the whole the whole client story.

My Roles

  • Web¬†Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Content Strategy


  • Multiple Page Designs
  • Redlined PSDs
  • Page Assets


6 Months


This project was done while at Graphiti Associates, where I worked with three other designers and a developer, under the supervision of our creative directors.

Work Page Interactive Sliders