Logistimo Digital Branding

Web Design / Branding & Identity / UI / Logo Design

The Challenge

Logistimo is an app and website that help medical facilities in rural countries deal with the supply and demand of vaccines. They built a system that is device agnostic, so that anyone with a cell phone, even a flip phone, can use it to reduce vaccine waste. When they came to RRD Design, they had a website and an app that still needed UI. They wanted us to create a logo and brand that could be extended to business cards, PowerPoint templates, the website, and the app. One of the main tasks on my plate was taking the lengthy company overview materials they had and pulling the pertinent content and restructuring it for the website so that a website user could quickly and easily understand what Logistimo was all about. They had a conference coming up quickly and we provided them with three brand directions to choose from. I designed one of the the three design directions.

The Solution

We knew the audience would primarily be users in rural countries, working in the medical field. Being a non-profit company, Logistimo would be applying for grants and donations and seeking volunteer development help, so our secondary audience was developers and computer scientists in the US, as well as the government. The brand needed to inspire people to help. For my design direction, I used the adjectives “Clean, Friendly, High-tech, and Simple” as my starting point for the logo and brand. I sifted through a PDF of their company overview, pulled out the information to best explain how the website and app work, and used that to wireframe the landing page. I chose to mockup the app UI in a non-iPhone smartphone, as most of the users in India (where the app was already being used) had Android phones. Unfortunately the project ended up stalling on the client end and was never finished.

My Roles

  • Logo Design
  • Branding
  • Landing Page Design
  • App Homescreen Design


  • Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Landing Page Design
  • Power Point Design
  • App Homescreen design


2 Weeks


This project was done while at working for RRD Design, under the supervision of the creative director.

 Style Guide

Business Cards

App UI and Appstore Icon

PowerPoint Template

Landing Page