The Challenge

Design and layout a 48+ page magazine. Figure out who the reader is and use that to help curate appropriate content and design the look and feel. Layout a Flat Plan to organize your content. Create a business plan and find revenue models. Adapt the print magazine for web, considering the unique user experience of each format. Use a CMS system for the website so that lots of content can be poured into templates and quickly published.

The Solution

A bold, yet feminine design, with lots of bright colors, white space, and strong pops of black. A clean, organized layout to maximize the delivery of information to the reader. A home page with lots of browsable content, but also a clear navigation and search system to quickly find what is needed. A business strategy that has 4 parts: the print mag, the website, the app, and the half marathon/marathon series.

My Roles

  • Concept
  • Print Design
  • Layout
  • Masthead Design
  • Web Design
  • Front-End Dev
  • Content Strategy


  • 56 page print magazine
  • Flat Plan
  • Website prototype
  • Business Plan


15 Weeks

* This was a school project.