The Marshal Landing Page

Web Design / Content Strategy / Branding & Identity / UI / UX

The Challenge

One of Graphiti’s clients, 18 Birdies, came to them with the idea of creating a mascot called “The Marshal” as a way of reaching a new audience and getting them to download the 18 Birdies app. They wanted to leverage social media content they were having another agency create and use it in a fun, interactive landing page that introduced the character “The Marshal”. The timeline was extremely quick, as 18 Birdies were releasing video vignettes of The Marshal to their social media channels in two weeks and they needed a live landing page to drive viewers to where they could access the app. Our task was to create a landing page in a week and half that engaged the user and encouraged them to download the app, using existing social media content from another agency.

The Solution

Due to the quick turnaround time, the other designer and I dove into the social media content from the other agency to see what we would be using as content. We brainstormed other forms of enagement that could be featured on the page and searched for examples of interactivity that we felt might be good inspiration. Our first step was creating wireframes, which we sent to the client for approval before moving on to the design details. Once they had approved the content and wireframes, we quickly moved into the visual design, and then developement of the page. We worked closely with our developer to make sure we could feasibly accomplish our vision. They chose the direction I had proposed, which was an aerial view of golf course, that the user traveled down as the scrolled down the page. I worked with an illustrator to create the course illustration for the background of the page, while I created the rest of page assets from the social media content.

My Roles

  • Concept
  • Web Design
  • Content Strategy


  • Landing Page
  • Home Page Banner


1.5 Weeks


This project was done while at Graphiti Associates, where I worked with another designer, a developer, and an illustrator, under the supervision of our creative director.