Flying Apron Process

Group Brainstorming

We started by meeting up with other teammates who were rebranding Flying Apron and did a group brainstorm to try to come up with Flying Apron’s company values, brand positioning, brand characteristics, brand promise, brand statement, and last but not least, brand attributes. We were each armed with a sticky notes and a sharpie and used venn diagrams, word associations, and many other tricks to find the right words to start our rebrand.

Defining Flying Apron

Our group brainstorm allowed us to distill the true character of Flying Apron. Once we nailed down the brand characteristics, promise, statement, attributes,and unique brand positioning of Flyning Apron we were able to start the design process.

Brand Characteristics Image Board

After we came up with our three brand characteristics, we did a search for images that we felt visually represented the words “Innovative, “Transparent”, and “Earnest”, and made an image board to use as inspiration and guidance for our visual designs. We noticed the same types of elements repeating in many of the images:¬†organic textures, structural lines, and bright colors, and hand-drawn elements.

Logo Sketches & Typography Tests

Once we had our visual direction, we started on the logo. My partner and I each sketched out a couple rounds of pencil and paper logos and then headed to the computer. Eventually we ended up using the pinwheel I had created with a typeface that my partner chose. The pinwheel represents grain mills, sunrises, and movement. I did the final editing and hand adjusted the type toflow with the pinwheel.

The Final Logo & Rules from the Brand Guidelines

The Photography Style and Texture & Pattern Style from the Brand Guidelines

Our photographs should showcase warmth and connection and should never feel stiff or posed. We use fun, hand-drawn patterns which evolved from our original image board. Hand-drawn lines are also used throughout the design to bring a sense of structure and safety, as it’s is important for those with food sensitivities to feel at ease in a restaurant.