The Marshal Process

Wireframe Sketches

When we first brainstormed ideas for the page, we had three different main ideas that we sketched out. The first version drew inspiration from Dos Equis online presence of their “Most Interesting Man in the World” mascot, and featured a quiz where you could try to stump the Marshal on golf knowledge. This would be the most basic layout. The second version had the Marshall popping in and out from the left side of the screen for different sections of “The Marshal’s Handbook” which would be revealed as you scrolled down the page, and each time The Marshal would have a different golf prop that symbolized that section of the handbook. This page was inspired by the animation on The Montues website. The third version would be an paralaxing aerial view of the golf course that would have The Marshal pop in, crazy golf carts driving around, and random golf balls and clubs flying across the page as you scrolled through. This was inspired by the Tio Luchin site.

Digital Wireframes

We moved the wireframes into vector format for our first client review and included some of the social media content that we had been provided from the other agency to give the client an idea of how the content would be used.

Visual Design

Once the client chose the golf course direction, we moved into designing the actual look and feel and delivered three final options to the client. The final decision was the paper and pencil course handbook direction but with the full screen video header featured in one of the other directions.