Tio’s Process


Having a shared Pinterest board with my boss and the client was really helpful at the start of the design process. I was able to see what the owners were picturing for their product and that helped me refine the direction I took with my design. I started pinning and made an inspiration mood board. I tried to stay in line with the look and feel I felt the client wanted but added a little of my own spark.

Logo Sketches

Once I had a direction, I started sketching ideas for the logo, and thinking about where the logo might be placed on the packaging.

Type Choices and Digital Sketching

Moving on from physical sketching, I took my ideas to the computer to try and refine some of my ideas. I also did a type study to see what the brand name looked like in various typefaces. One of the challenges of this project was finding free fonts to use, since the client had a very small budget. I even tried some hand lettering to see if that felt right for the Tio brand.

Packaging First Round

After picking a logo direction, I started working on the packaging. I found a page of illustrated dogs from an old dictionary on Etsy and purchased it to use as my background texture. I scanned it in and cleaned it up a bit and reversed it to be white or have color. This is my first round of packaged designs.

Packaging Second Round

After reviewing the packages with my boss, we decided that the white illustrations on craft paper felt the most like Tio’s, so I continued to refine my designs with that treatment.

The Dieline

Once I nailed down the direction, I found a dieline that was similar to the type of bag the client had envisioned for their product. I had to modify it to make it have a top flap and be the correct size. Here is one of the final dielines.