Tony Maroni’s Process

Competitor Research

At the very beginning of the process I went out to meet the client in Redmond to get a better understanding of the company. Part of my research was also finding out who the local competitors were and getting a sense of their branding.


Once the client and I decided on “high-quality”, “hand-made”, and “family-friendly” as the brand characteristics, I started sketching out ideas for the logo.

Type Study

After settling with a couple sketch ideas that I liked, I moved to the computer to start digital sketches. At this point I started looking at many different type faces to see what fit best with my logo direction.

First Round Logos

This was the first set of logos I sent to the client. He picked 3 of these for me to refine in the next round.

Second Round Logos

These were my revisions to the client’s selections in the first round.