Special Topics Winter Quarter: Week 3

Oops, I’m a little behind on blogging! I spent quite a bit of time last¬†week working on researching competitive magazine websites. I’ve been working on the wireframes for the home page, but am still figuring it out. There is so much content to deal with! I really want to create the best experience for the Pace reader, but I also want to create a website that is different enough from my other digital magazine, Trek. I am trying to find a good layout for the home page that allows the reader to have access to the newest articles up front, but also allows them to easily access any of the content. I tried looking for new ways to create an interesting sticky header, but I still think the animated header theme from Codrops is still my favorite. I’m going to try and manipulate it better than I did with Trek though.

So far I have set up the Pace wordpress site (www.whoisemilyford.com/pace), have installed my theme (animated header with gridism as the base framework), created a home page template, and have installed all the main plugins I will be using. I may end up using a slider plugin, but I want to research a little more on the best one to use. I’m working on finishing up my wireframes and plan to start coding this week!