Special Topics Winter Quarter-Week 4

Well, as usual, I’m a little behind! Have been doing some extra freelance to make up for my denied school loans and it’s been eating up more time than I’d like it to. As far as Pace goes, I realized last week that I needed to find free web versions of the typefaces I used for the print magazine. Searching for similar typefaces took while but I have narrowed it down, and am using Typekit instead of Google fonts, which is a new and tricky experiment! Hopefully I don’t encounter too many snafus along the way. I did more competitor research, because I’m still having a hard time nailing down exactly what the digital edition of Pace should look like, and what kind of tools it should feature (and I can feasibly build!). Still working on figuring out the home page. Once that’s solved, doing templates for the other types of content will be much easier. The home page is always a beast for me.

Also this week, I met for coffee with a friend of my brother (both are designers in the real world), and she had lots of good insights on graduating and working in the real world. She works in print at a big Seattle company and assured me there are still plenty of print jobs out there. It was comforting to hear and it sounded like she has a great job, and has never had a hard time finding great places to work. I got to hear about a typical day and week for her. She said she works in InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop equally, and those are her main tools. Also exciting for me, as those are programs I am most comfortable in. She advised me to start thinking about my portfolio now and try to get stuff out there asap. She had several interviews in late winter/early spring of her senior year, and was able to get the job she wanted right when school was over. All in all, it was great to talk to someone out there, working in the real world, and get some encouragement and inspiration.