The National Gig Poster

Moving on from quote posters, our next poster assignment was a gig poster. There were 8 bands that we were randomly assigned and I somehow lucked out and got one of my favorite bands, The National. For those of you who don’t really know much about them, their music is a little melancholy and deals with themes such as abandonment, loss of self, low self-worth, and disconnection. Much of the previous art done for them is black and white, dark and sometimes even ominous. Here’s some of their album artwork and music video images:


While listening to their music, I made word associations. I then took those word associations and made a visual image board of things that reminded me of the music and the words I had associated it with:


From this, I decided the loose concept of my poster would be “disconnect”. I thought of people talking on phones that were connected to nothing. It’s a little weird and out there, but falls right in line with much of the album art that has been done before. Weird and sad. After sketching a bit, I ended up with the image of a tin can phone that has the string cut. This was a little nostalgic and reminded me of my childhood, which also fit into The National’s habit of referencing the past. After this, I created a mood board of what I wanted my poster to look like. I wanted to keep the dark colors and serious themes, but illustrate in a lighter, flat style. Here’s my mood board:


And then, the final poster: