Week 5- T-Shirt Design for SCCA

Our Special Topics class was cancelled last week due to Seattle Interactive Conference. It was an interesting experience at the very least. I got to see the Cranium founder Richard Tait speak about building Cranium and his new venture, the sports drink Golazo. He was VERY inspiring. It might have been all the soccer references and his Scottish accent, but he also had a lot to say about passion and company culture that really resonated with me. Also great and very inspiring was the co-founder of Killer Infographics, Amy Balliett. She took us through a couple of their project case studies, and I was hooked. I would love to work somewhere like that.

The other thing we did in the week between 4 and 5 was t-shirt design. Every year they ask the second years to design a t-shirt for the school and everybody votes on the winner. I tried to keep my design process to an hour (that’s the “suggested” amount of time you’re supposed to spend on it). I knew I wanted to do something with type (shocking, I know) and something swiss. Here are my final designs: