Winter Quarter 2015 Special Topics-PACE magazine digital format


I’ve decided I’m going to create the digital version of PACE print magazine for my winter quarter special topics. I thought a lot about what to do this quarter and went back and forth with many ideas. After talking to a handful of classmates, I decided expanding PACE to have a digital component would be a strong portfolio piece. It will show brand extension and my abilities to take something static and create interaction. I am pretty excited about this project and hope it turns out as well as the original PACE. I haven’t decided what platform I’ll be using to build the PACE digital version but that will be the task for week 1. Figure out what makes the most sense based on software cost and the actual content of the magazine and direction PACE would take with their specific content. Since I’m not 100% sure how I’m building this yet, the timeline is a little rough.


Week 1: Research competitors to see what other sports/fitness magazines are doing with their digital editions. Research digital magazine app building software to see what the pros and cons are of each one. Pick a platform and start watching/reading tutorials. Start putting in print magazine content and make sure the platform will work.

Week 2: Go through existing content and identify where interaction can be utilized. Figure out what extra content may be needed there and what holes exist. Brainstorm what new content could be added and start collecting new content. Start contacting photogs about potential photoshoots/video sessions if necessary for new content.

Week 3: Start layout of magazine in platform. Start working on photoshoots/videos if they are needed for new content.

Week 4: Production of magazine. Photoshoots/videos if necessary.

Week 5: Production of magazine, User testing?

Week 6: Production of magazine

Week 7: Production of magazine, User testing?

Week 8: Production of magazine

Week 9: Finish magazine

Week 10: Tweak and troubleshoot any last issues

Week 11: Present final magazine to class